The Atamai, also referred to as Nethrads are fair skinned elves originating from the land of Never Netherland. Known to be delicate, patient, and reserved the Atamai mostly keep to themselves. Atamai harbor a sense of superiority over the other races, seeing themselves as more intelligent for being able to survive in the harsh nether landscape.

The Atamai are an advanced race and civilization, in many respects far ahead of the other races of their time. They are well known for their adept skills in technology, potion-making, farming, engineering, and construction.

Physiology Edit

The Atamai have very peculiar physiology for their climate. They are characterized by their pale skin and eyes with red or blonde hair. It is unknown why the Atamai do not burn easily in their climate or suffer sunburns with such a pale complexion. It is believed that the Atamai are perhaps magical in some respect, granting them fire-resistance and water-retention. Others believe that the Atamai are hiding some hidden oasis in the Nether, allowing them to stay healthy despite the harsh enviroment.

Culture Edit

Most information on Atamai culture comes from excavated ruins in Never Netherland as the Atamai is a very reserved race. Atamai society is primarily a post-industrial society and absolute monarchy.

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