Regnant Ali the First, also known as Ali or Alicia7O7, is an Atamai renaissance woman and ruling monarch of Never Netherland. She is one of the Legendary Original admins of New Quaytown Crossroads and is the personification of the traits: patience and ambition. Ali is considered an innovator, stirring changes in New Quaytown Crossroads such as the establishment of an official historical archive. She has played a pivotal role in the generation of New Quaytown Crossroads and founding of The Orchard.

Ali is considered the first ever potion maker, as she discovered the relationship between reagents early in the history of New Quaytown Crossroads. She is characterized by her patience, kindness, intelligence, and arrogance. Regnant Ali the First's lasting influence on New Quaytown Crossroads has earned her the title of Potion-Maker and Mrs. Butt Hat.

Biography Edit

Pre-realm Events Edit

Prior to the creation of New Quaytown Crossroads, nothing existed. It wasn't until the Legendary Original Admins got together to develope the area that anything or anyone had life. Ali, along with the rest of the admin settled the newly formed realm and others began to join, bringing in an age of prosperity and development.

After the establishment of New Quaytown Crossroads, The Town, was founded. Many came to settle here and eventually the population was large enough to construct large structures such as the Town Hall and The Library.

Ali's Life in The Town Edit

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